Binge War

One step forward, 12 steps back, the enemy is always ready to attack.

Loving you is hard, especially when the needle is in charge.

Dangerous games on the street, become normal when your down and weak. 

Waking up, all over the place, figuring out how you’re going to keep up with the days pace.

Quieting the problems in your mind, it’s that easy when you get high.

Anything of value goes straight down the drain when all you care about is your own pain.

Hitting up the methadone clinic to get you through the day, only to swallow something that’s still addicting to you anyway.

“Here, take this pill, it will allow you to be still”, that’s what they say, the industry and big pharma will get off to that any day.  

One step forward, 12 steps back.

It’s a money game, you see, no-one cares about you or what it’s doing to me. 

“This is the last shot”, is what you thought. 

Coming close to an overdose, because that’s what you thought you needed most. 

That’s the problem with this world, there’s to many things that look like gold, which make you fold and become cold. 

When it rains it pours, then your life becomes a constant chore. 

Loosing everything that mattered to you before, that’s what the needle will entice you to adore. 

The world becomes a live video game, putting aside all shame, it’s easy to do when you have others to blame. “Why can’t you just stop?” is the main question to ask when you pop off. 

Say goodbye to everything you know to be true, that’s what addiction will do.





This is written to the loved ones that have suffered from a hard heroin addiction, that have been close to me and some that aren't on this earth anymore. Being in close relationship, I've experienced a lot of stuff with individuals that are hurting, ill, and lost. I've been part of a lot of crazy sh** that I didn't want to seem real. I've nurtured over and over, to the point of feeling the pain from the "co-dependent" persepective. A lot of them aren't the happiest ending stories, but being drug through the motion, trying to constantly help and just breathe for a loved one that can't get it right, it's heart breaking and it's real. 






Photo by Jose Fontano on Unsplash