False hope isn't dope, why did I try all this time to just cope? 

Making sense of what really matters and realizing how far it was off the ladder.

Time goes by so slow, yet so fast, especially when thinking something is going to last.

Where is my breath? Have I lost that too? 

Forgetting to put on my own oxygen mask, before I chose you. 

It’s the what “IF’s” that became real. Why do things go so fast downhill?

Too blind to see what’s true, I guess that’s toxic love in the blues.

Picking you up over and over.. what a heavy weight it was wishing you were stone cold sober.

Headstrong with an open heart, that’s always the hardest part. 

Choosing me or choosing you was one of the hardest things to do.

Stop ignoring your inner core, life no longer feels like a dragging chore. 

It’s time to wake up and breathe, and choose the woman God created me to be.