Creating Inner Peace

Peace is what we’re all after right? Who can’t agree when this world is always putting up a fight?

Thoughts become so loud in your mind, to the point of constant dread to get caught up again in your own head with thoughts that leave you feeling dead. Who wants to get lost there? It can become a dangerous place if we’re not aware.

Being able to breathe is one of the best ways out allowing you to see. Breathing gives you life, and thats exactly what God did when he created you to fight.

We’re all here for a purpose that is sometimes a blurred vision to see, but finding peace within your soul is one of my favorite places to be. 

Sometimes it takes digging deeper than you ever have before, allowing yourself to look up, have a clear vision, and go explore. 

When we can practice healthy habits that create peace in our lives, things come together and don't make you feel so uptight.

Take it or leave it, but you will regret not knowing peace. When you have it, hold onto it and your blessings will increase.

Brannan BellComment