Desperate For You

I’m desperate for you.

You give me the air to breathe and the ability to wake up and place my feet on the floor, oh Lord, how I adore you. Renew me with your peace and stillness, everyday, since you’re the one who has the power to give and take away. 

And I’m desperate for you.

When I’m weak and tired on an empty stomach, keep me hungry for your perfection and provide me with nothing but a spirit filled direction. Paralyzed from the pain and fog in my brain. Allow me to be someone else’s gain. It’s like my head is in the clouds, not fully able to see and hear you out loud. 

And I’m desperate for you.

Your eyes say something so deep, I can tell you have been lost for a while but you haven’t said a peep. Stop ignoring the reality and keep your head up that has the right mentality. You ask what I mean, but how stupid do you have to be? I guess I won’t ever understand how you could be so selfish and not consider your future plan.

And I’m desperate for you.

Staring at yourself in the mirror with tears all over your face, wondering what the hell got you to this point, and where is my saving grace? Who put me here? Who can I blame? Because I know good and well I didn’t ask to be standing here in this much pain, wondering how I’m going to put up with this game. 

We all crave whatever it is that takes our mind off of the things that are driving us insane. I encourage you to reach for a higher power, have a little faith, be willing, surrender yourself to your higher power, be patient, pursue, and always stay desperate. In this life, if we stop craving the spiritual food that’s good for our souls, as humans, we tend to get caught up and lost real fast. We have the power over ourselves, so make your choices count. Make where you choose to place your thoughts count. My higher power is Christ and it’s in Him that my hope is found. It’s Him I’m desperate for. He’s been the one to give and take away, and when He gives… HE GIVES.

Stay humble & have a little faith.

Xx, B.

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