Finding Balance Within Yourself When People Get Under Your Skin

For some of us, this is a daily struggle. Could this possibly have to do with the outlook and perspective we have on life and for that day? Here’s the thing: we have control over our emotions. We get to choose which thoughts we give life to and which thoughts are not welcome into our minds. Personally, I struggle with this fine balance. There are some days where I smile my way through it because I have so much peace inside of me so no-one even phases me, but there are other times where I just shut down and want to go off, even after I have prayed that morning and asked to be filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

In moments of feeling very annoyed, overwhelmed, worried, or being fearful, we have to CHOOSE to redirect our thoughts and actually do it. Here’s what this looks like:

My unconscious mind: “Man, if he/she says one more word I might just lose it and snap. I can’t deal with their power trip”

My aware mind: “Just love them. Breathe in, breathe out. Thank you God for this day, please grant me the patience to the things I cannot control and redirect my thoughts to you, every moment. I’m thankful for my job, a roof over my head, my car, family, dog, laptop, the ability to move my fingers and type, a healthy body, and a grateful heart. Take anything that is not of you out of me and replace it with peace, love and joy.”

You see what I did there? It’s all about gratitude and being thankful. If we can practice gratitude daily when we wake up, during the day, when a moment is tough, and at night, it really does a work in rewiring our brains and the way we choose to look at things.

We’re going to always run into people who are narcissists, power-trippers, complainers all day, hoarders, and the ones who are always right about everything. ( you can probably tell what things possible annoy me hehe). Some of you may have every single one of those types of people in your life now. They can be loved ones, co-workers, and people you just feel like you have to tolerate.

I’m here to say, you can win. This a reminder for myself just as much as it is for the eyes reading this. We control our thoughts and what we let in, how we react, if it's worth it, and if we choose to smile or frown. Did you know that smiling provides you with natural dopamine? Even when you don't want to smile, just do it! Try it the next time you’re on the phone with someone, you’ve been crying, or you’re just in your own thoughts inside your head. Smile even if it makes you feel dumb, because its doing something whether or not you realize it, you’re training your mind!

That’s all for now :)

Xx, B.