Getting Away from Fear

The fear of the unknown. 

Worry. Anxiety. Overthinking. 

All at the same time, putting your mind through an emotional bind. These feelings will slip deep into your soul, while you’re constantly telling the devil no. We can’t slack on redirecting our thoughts since they are the ones who call the shots. We must give our best to what we have control over so we don't let our emotions spillover. It’s a moment by moment thing to hold a negative thought captive, before we become reactive. I push through the fear since I know my God is near. Catching glimpses of what it feels like to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, steering away from feelings that lead me down a funnel. It’s amazing how intricate our minds are made, knowing that we have the power to not be afraid. Fear is a liar.

How do you deal with fear? Do you drown in it? How do you find hope? Do you meditate?

Xx, B.