Getting Back Up

Getting out of my head and watching my thoughts from the outside is like guiding a child who’s trying to drive. Positivity is only allowed here, so I’m learning what it takes to not live in fear. Disciplining your mind is a life changing occurrence, and once you figure out the narrow path you don't give up on your endurance. I want to live everyday with a purpose, so what am I doing in this place of unsureness? I cannot allow myself to get stuck in a rut since it usually takes me a while to get back up. Listening to the ambition and drive inside of my heart, I am not afraid of the dark. There is a Greater Plan that lies ahead of me, I’m really excited to see. Inviting peace, serenity, and self-control into my world every moment of everyday, while He gives me the thought process to think, listen, be kind and say.

Xx, B.

Brannan BellComment