Guarding Your Heart

Toxicity does not equal simplicity.

Your friends aren’t always the best friends.

You settle just to have people around, 

not realizing they’re bringing you down.

Easily blinded means you’re not truly guided.

Opening your eyes wide to the toxic vibes that are by your side.

Deception comes in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes you don't 

realize what’s happening, since you’ve already been blinded.

Feeling weird vibes from a person you just met last night.

They aren’t for you and you look like a deer in the head lights 

trying to figure out how 1 + 1 = 2. 

You have to guard your heart. It’s not dumb or irrational. 

It will allow you to experience the simplicity you crave, without bringing your heart to the grave.

Guarding your heart will work out in the end, and it’s ok to treat it like your only friend.

Your most treasured possession rests underneath your bones, 

so protect it like it’s the only thing you own.

Guarding your heart isn’t easy. It’s one of the hardest things to do. We’ve got to recognize the relationships we have and the people we choose to hang around with. If they aren’t giving us life, then what’s the point? It’s just toxic and quite damaging to our souls and our well being. Our hearts are so delicate. They are so easily ran over. It’s quite difficult to think with your heart and your mind at the same time because we often see that one contradicts the other. If we don’t protect what gives us life, then we really aren’t helping ourselves out. It’s okay to be selfish with this. If you’re not then you become a push over, you give in easily and at that point you really aren’t thinking in a healthy way. In order to love others, we have to love ourselves and that comes with making sure our heart, mind, and soul are aligned and in the right place. I encourage you to be alert and aware of the people surrounding you. Pray for a vision. Pray for your eyes to be opened to things you haven’t been able to see.

That’s all for now.

Xx, B.

Brannan BellComment