Happy Place

Have you ever felt like you were suffocating? Like these were the only cards that life gave you and you just had to keep on keepin’ on? Man, was I wrong. 

Happy to admit it. I was wrong more than once, about people, places and things that I thought I could trust. 

Happy to pull my own. To start getting past feelings that make me feel small, dead, and an absolute dread. 

Happy to enjoy life. All the people I love who are in it and not feel like I’m constantly having to show up for repentance. 

Happy to feel. It’s me again, when I for sure thought I was never going to win. 

Happy to see. Happy to be, happy to be alive and just doing me. 

Happy to look back and start stepping on the cracks again, without feeling like I’m breaking my mommas back. 

Ya feel me? This is the real me. 

Getting out of feeling stuck can be a hard rut. You’re having to give life to the things that GIVE you life and be alert and aware of your thoughts, actions, and people that you choose to have relationships with. At some point, something’s gotta give. When you reach that point, you start to enter the survival phase of finding the water when you’ve been sitting in a drought. Once you find the water, it starts to bring you back to life and what’s really good for your heart, mind, body, and soul. It’s like the revival of self-care. You’re the winner. You won. You endured the desert and now you can look back at times and scenarios (from the mountain top) and start to analyze yourself, behaviors, ways that you wish to not go back to and ways in which you are learning and growing from.

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