He Was A Boy, She Was A Girl


Let’s meet here, let’s meet there, I’ll take you around the world, I’ll follow you anywhere.

Fearless and relentless, all at the same time, the one who wants to go over and over on a roller coaster ride.

I’ll pack my bag, I’ll make you glad. I promise you, I’m the best girl you’ve ever had.

Loving me, loving you, It’s so much better when it’s just us two. 

Living young, wild and free, let’s dive off a cliff into the sea.

I’ll meet you halfway and if I don’t show, I’ll be back. You’re the best looking bottle that sits on the rack.

Loving me, loving you, was one of the best decisions I said yes to. 

You thrill me, you delight me like never before, thanks for keeping it interesting down to the core.

Speaking my mind, all filters put aside, it’s obvious that you’re my forever ride.