I Wanna Talk About Me

There’s that overwhelming feeling sometimes of responsibility that comes in so many forms. Where is the fine boundary line though when it comes to who and what we are responsible for? How do we control our urge to feel like we are forced to be responsible for something or someone that we honestly don’t have any control over? How do we tell ourselves no? I’m here to give you a few guiding points below.

  1. I’m only responsible for MY attitude, not somebody else’s.

  2. I do not need to get in anyone else’s business.

  3. I can pray for others, but I’m ultimately responsible for ME.

  4. I can’t make anyone else do what’s right.

  5. I can only cooperate with God/or your higher power and have Him help me do what’s right.

  6. I will get a reward for doing what’s right, regardless of what’s going on anywhere else.

  7. I do not have to have opinions of what everybody else is doing.

I know this can be kind of broad, because some of us have kids, some of us are a caretaker for loved ones who really need it, and some of us have animals that we have to be responsible for. I don’t mean don’t worry about your direct and obvious responsibilities, I just mean be alert towards the things and people that are allowing you to feel anxious and overwhelmed. I understand that we have control over our emotions and our feelings, but I also believe that people and things can increase our emotions and feelings, which tend to leave us feeling helpless and hopeless and that’s not okay.

Show yourself a little bit of self-love and really evaluate these points and even say them out loud. There is power in that, through words of affirmation.

That’s all for now.

Xx, B.

Brannan BellComment