King & Queen

How many times do I have to raise my white flag, 

before it starts to drag? 

When you feel like you're keeping up with the pace, 

the devil can easily slap you in the face, 

knock you down to the ground and watch you roll around,

 with a frown and tears that are of fear. 

What a cold place to sit there alone,

with tears streaming down your face. 

Trying to understand this mad race,

That feels full of resentment and disgrace. 

The only one who truly knows my heart,

Is sitting above the clouds, not able to come down. 

Pour out your peace and stillness,

That you may cure this illness. 

The lies and deceit, are for the weak.

A king stands up for his queen,

What does that exactly mean? 

He lavishes her with jewels and a crown, 

But for some reason he's having a hard time bowing down. 

She wants her earthly king to see her real eyes, 

And quit thinking that she's in some kind of disguise. 

She clothes herself with strength and dignity,

She knows that he has chivalry. 

Staring up towards the ceiling,

Trying to figure out why she has this feeling,

Lost and alone, trying to find her way back to the zone. 

She says to herself, redirect your thoughts to what's good and true,

Realize that this is only temporary, feeling blue. 

Remember that your earthly king loves you,

He's just a little lost in his thoughts, too. 

Wash over him mercy and grace

And bring him to a really good place. 

Where wisdom and clarity is near,

And allow him to quit living in fear. 

It's in Jesus name, I cry out, and believe,

Her faith is strong and she will see.

Brannan BellComment