Letter To Me

Me oh my, I’m sorry I didn’t let you fly. I wanted to, but couldn’t and never had anyone tell me that I shouldn’t. 

It’s on me for depriving you of good things for your soul, I was caught up being someone else’s fools gold. 

It’s my bad for letting the insides hurt, that’s not what I wanted, dragging you through the dirt.

I thought that hope was dope and it was going to allow us to quietly cope. 

Lots of things changed and breathing clean never felt so good, so I thank you for picking me up- never knew you could. 

There’s a time and place for everything. We all go through hard stuff, and when we’re feeling like we are processing things a little easier it’s fascinating to take a step outside of your body and really observe yourself and your mind. It’s also a prime time to write your thoughts about experiences you once had and look back thinking where and how you went mad.

We’re all mad here.

Xx, B.

Brannan BellComment