Mary Jane

Mary, Mary, quite contrary. Why do others have to act like you’re so scary? You’re not and it’s a shame that people are behind bars if they’re seen with you; it’s a game. You’re not a gateway, you’re a healer before someone takes it to the next level to deal with their hurt & pain. Mary, you open minds, that get high enough to soar the sky. There’s no suffering from anxiety and pain, especially when you join me while it rains. Your smell is of the earth, and what’s from the earth is of the greatest worth. There’s always going to be people who try and knock you down because they don’t understand, but no skin off my back if we go hand in hand. No one can ever be mad or upset when they kick it with you, Mary. They’re finally starting to figure out you’re not that scary.

Mary, Mary, how contrary you have to be in this world that just wants to be free.
People want other options you see, rather than hanging out with the pharmaceuticals that make them delusional. You’re natural and artistic and have so many great qualities. Mary, you have the power to heal and open the gates so people can actually feel calm, relaxed and even mobile. Everyone should be your friend, so that no one has to think their life must come to an end. We can’t knock you until we try hanging with you first, then we will see you’re a blessing and not a curse. Mary, now I know why your middle name is Jane, because clearly you rhyme with and take away the pain.

Open your mind.

Xx, B.