Say Goodbye To Auto Pilot

Let’s do something different. Why follow the ways of the world and what everyone else is doing? It’s been on my mind lately as I sit back and think, meditate, ponder, and while I practice on putting my thoughts in the right place. Do you ever feel like you're just cruising through life on auto pilot? Like you are just doing the same things, same routines, seeing the same people, going to the same job and you wonder what else is out there? Aren’t we called for something greater? Something that fills me with complete joy? Am I using the gifts I’ve been given? What are my gifts? How do I figure out what they are? Should I be doing something else in my life? Should I move out of state? Find a new job? Listen to my heart a little more? Am I ignoring my instincts and am I being naive and oblivious? 

These are all thoughts and questions that have crossed my mind recently. You know, when you can feel a stirring deep within you and it wont stop? My thinking is that you should probably do something about it. It’s not just there because it’s haunting you or trying to make you stressed out and anxious, but could it be the Holy Spirit talking to me, pushing me, urging me, and seeing if I’m going to listen and make a move? 

I’m learning to stop ignoring my core. I’ve done it before, and I know you have too. We’re human and we just try to cope with the way we feel on our own and leave it at that. If that’s the case, we’re missing the point. God has called us to do more. He created us. He knows our innermost being and he wants to see us take a leap of faith and stop listening to ourselves. He’s the one who’s provided me peace, understanding, clarity, hope, faith, endurance, perseverance, and pure joy. 

It’s so easy to become complacent with where we are at. I think being content, for me, is a blessing and a curse. I battle with feeling “too content” knowing that I’m meant for so much more. God, what are you calling me to do? What is the will you have for my life? Please make it clear for me to see. Allow me to recognize when you open a door and when you shut one. Allow me to see people the way you see them and realize the role that you have placed them for in my life. 

I don’t want to live this life being oblivious, out on cloud 9, in my own little world, and getting caught up with living for the wrong things that are not fulfilling to my soul. I want to soar on the wings of an eagle and feel that rush. I’m meant to love others, to help them, comfort them, listen to people and share where I’ve been. We’re called to lend a hand to the poor. We’re called to show others the Light. We’re called to forgive, even when it hurts and we’re unsure if thats what we want to do. 

Trusting God is hard, I get it. It’s a beautiful feeling to believe in something that is greater than yourself. In our sinful minds, we just expect everything. We assume that we’re great so how could any decision be better than my own? Well, that’s who our God IS. Fathom that it is He who made us, created us, thought of what we were to look like, the personality we were to have, and that he made a plan for each of our lives and they are all uniquely different. How could somebody do something so intricate and beautiful like that? That’s what blows my mind and brings me great faith full of sureness and joy. 

When I’m feeling down or lost with what I’m suppose to be doing, I remind myself that God has me in a place where He wants me to be and as long as I’m alert and aware of the ways he speaks to me, then I’m where I’m suppose to be. When negativity enters in I tell myself, “I rebuke that thought, in the name of Jesus. Get behind me, Satan.” 

There is POWER in the name of Jesus, so don’t be afraid to verbalize it out loud. Utilize your voice that you have been given and use it to your advantage and protect yourself and your thoughts. Our thoughts can lead to destruction quickly, when we’re not alert. The best way for me to stay alert is to find my home in God’s Word. The Word is alive and real. It speaks to me. Even when I feel like I’m reading line after line, I am absorbing it and it is doing a work within me, because that’s how God works. 

In conclusion to everything said above and back to the first paragraph, you’re in a safe place with God when you draw near to him. He can answer those questions for you, even though it may take time, His time is always perfect even when we think ours is faster and better. Learn to be still and know that He is God and you are not. When we do that, we begin the process of transformation, peace, serenity, clarity and direction. This process actually becomes really exciting and hopeful, because you start to recognize things and experience yourself capturing negative thoughts and making them obedient to God, while creating room for the ones that give us life. I encourage you and myself to practice gratitude and work everyday to maintain it. Don’t ever let that leave you because it’s extremely powerful. When we are grateful we stop thinking of ourselves. When we stop thinking of ourselves, God steps in and He leads you, rewards you, shows you the path, guides you, and then we start to create a relationship that’s way more clear than ever feeling like we are living a life on auto pilot. 

Xx, B.