Out here in the open, raising my white flag, you better believe that I won't let it drag. 

Standing here seeking grace, until I get to meet my Maker’s face. 

Walking down the road, dodging this spiritual warfare that’s in my zone. 

I put on my helmet, shield, and shoes, with nothing to lose. 

Seeking wisdom, hope, and direction, God is my one and only perfection. 

I pray he knows that I’m true, so he never has to feel blue.

Talk is cheap my darling, and the Devil sends people to prowl around, snarling. 

But in order to believe in me, I need you to see the real me. Do you feel me? 

Fighting for what I know and love, the human heart is easily drugged, 

but he won't escape my true love, that’s hard to get rid of. 

Test me Lord through these trials, for I’ve got my Bible and I can run multiple miles. 

If you let him break it down for you, he will freestyle and make it worth your while. 

I thank God in advance that he has introduced me to this romance.

Ecclesiastes says two is better than one and we have a good reward for our toil;

so plant us on a firm foundation and give me roots in my soil. 

A threefold cord is not easily broken; so hear me out, for I have spoken.

Fixing my eyes on what’s good is way better than living in the hood, of depression,

thank you for reading, I’m done with this session. 





Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash