Spiritual Nourishment

Walking down the street with our lights beaming loud, God are we making you proud?

He shakes his head up and down, with no frown, as He sits on His throne and watches us so we don’t hit our foot on any stone. 

What can mere people do to me? When I serve a God who’s on my team? 

Get back Satan, we’re not playing games. This is the life we’re living, with no shame. 

“Here sir, have something to eat. Would you like me to wash your feet?” That’s what Jesus would do for me, and we should all be a family full of kindness, you see?

Walking together, hand in hand, rebuking anything evil that tries to take a stand. The Word is alive and real, so we dive into it so we can feel transformed and renewed everyday, as we fall to our knees and pray.

Hey guys. Here’s my thoughts & emotions for the food that gives me LIFE. This is what brings me past a feeling that is greater than myself; A sense of peace, joy, hope, and trust within my life.

Xx, B.