Don’t want to let you down, because I know what it’s like to drown. Afraid of failing is only negative and will not allow any room for smooth sailing. It’s crazy how we can let the devil whisper stuff in our ear and we allow him to determine whether or not we are seeing something clear.

Lost in my thoughts, and constantly overthinking, I’ve got to swallow my pride and ask myself who’s the real slim shady? Will you stand up? Holding negative thoughts captive, making a path for the beauty that’s on its way, saying out loud “no Satan, not today”. 

Smiling in the sun, while I go for a run, thanking Him in advance for the wonderful romance that’s about to enhance. Restoring our minds, bodies and souls, so we can embrace our eternal goals.

Our thoughts are so powerful. We’re all Human, our minds wonder, do you ever just want to take out all the negative thoughts that are of fear, inside of you? Learning how to dispose of thoughts that don’t give us life seems so hard, and it is. It’s your own masterpiece that you have the power to create in your mind. Life gets us sometimes. Life beats us. Life tears us apart. Life also makes us really happy. To be in that happy and content place, we must hold any negative thought captive. Make room for thoughts that give you joy. Meditate on the things you WANT out of life and picture these things in detail. Act like what you want has already happened. Be thankful, in advance. I’ll touch on our thoughts and the power they have later, too.

Xx, B.

Brannan BellComment