Have you ever felt something so deep, to the point of making you feel so weak?

It’s not fair when you feel like you’re the only who cares. 

Stripped down, emotionally and mentally, I know someone feels me.

 All the feelings and emotions at the same time, feeling as if you’re on the longest rollercoaster ride. 

I think I can, I think I can… what a normal thought in the brain, 

the enemy is a master at throwing it away. 

Trapped day in and day out, no-one understands the depth of the drought. 

Smile, they say, don’t let any negative vibes enter in today. 

Ball and chain, it’s a real game. You don’t notice it until you suffer the pain. 

Lord, show me the way. Is it right or left? This feels like a constant mind game. 

That’s what the enemy will do; trap you and knock you off your feet of two. 



Mental health is the topic in today’s world. Not all mental health has to be psychotic or feeling as if someone needs to be put in a insane asylum; that’s not how it all is. Yeah, they are humans who are really lost, chemicals abused and in turn, take over who they are and they do a bunch of f$%*@d up things that none of us can understand and none of it is okay, nor is it right or justifiable. 

Some people’s mental instability, in their mind, derives from an experience or something they are going through. When you get to the point of feeling so stuck in your own head, it becomes really difficult to comprehend the right or wrong decision, and a lot of the time we end up acting out on what fear and the devil give us, which is false hope. 

Not all people are labeled as “sick”, some of us just need a way out, a support system of love, and a breathable and safe environment. 

It’s super easy to jump to the thought that others who have all these huge issues are craving attention, and you literally cannot wrap your brain around how the hell they got there — mindfully so. 

You may be reading this and think that you have no “mental health issues” and that’s a blessing, be thankful for it, but for the ones who have and/or are struggling, you’re not alone and sometimes that’s all you need to know in the moment, that you aren’t crazy, you’re right, and there are other people who experience the same feelings. 

*This post is definitely a get all into the feels, but if there’s anyone in your life who you feel like is struggling, give them your hand and allow them to reach, while keeping yourself sane, don’t ever feel like you’re too good to do that. You would really hope someone would do that for you. Love one another and treat and help others as you would want to be treated*




Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash