What's Been Done For Me

What has Christ done for me? 

He’s given me hope when I could barely see. 

When I've been down on my knees in the dirt, 

He's given me the strength to power through

The hurt. 

At one point, peace seemed unattainable,

But my God is unexplainable. 

How is it possible to receive faith, hope and love, on my own?

When the One who provides it, is 

Sitting above on His throne?

If that doesn't blow your mind, 

He has given me every reason to be kind. 

Turning the other cheek, is not for the weak.

He is the reason that I am strong and why I am

Able to love people that do me wrong. 

You know that light that shines through people?

As if they were standing at the top of a church steeple?

There's more of that to share, for everyone, everywhere.

I've learned to hold on to what's good and true,

And don't live a life that's pleasing to you.






Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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