Australian Dreams

Don't mind the two of us, just chillin' without a thing to do, at least we have each other, right? The Australian Shepard breed is extremely spastic and constantly busy. This is Copper. She's always on the go, and if she doesn't have a bone then she's going to get into something else. She gets bored easily, but I guess us humans do too. Right now I will take her laying and sleeping and being gentle, because it's rare!  We're always getting "friendly reminders" in our home that mom (AKA ME) needs to clean all the hair off the sofa, make sure she doesn't scratch this piece of furniture up, somehow make her less hyper, and how her butt will go to the dumpster if she messes a "really nice" material thing up. We just smile and nod our heads... :) That's why were just chillin' here, just the two of us, dreaming about the mountains and a cooler temperature. Copper loves the outdoors and so do I. Nature is in our souls, and I can speak for Copper too because if she could speak, she would tell you the same thing. We're relaxing and brainstorming together. We're making moves, don't you worry. 

Xx, B & C

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