Meditating With Nature

We are in nature, of nature, and we exist in a world full of nature. There's so many roads of beauty that ignite an instant dopamine release, of happiness. There's something tranquil, still, beyond our thoughts, and a deep breath that exists in the outdoors and you don't even have to go far to find it. These pictures were taken at Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma. We have to deal with what we got sometimes. It's one of the few places that allow you to access a little taste of the Colorado vibe, which is what we were after. 

It's easy to find freedom within nature. It's a serene place we visit to release our thoughts, anxieties, stresses and an outlet to our every day life. When you don't live in a state that's known for the outdoors, you take what you can get and it almost feels like a mini vacation. Go outside and play.