Refreshing Yourself In The San Juan Mountains

    You know when people say that we all need to "get away" into nature every now and then and we are due to go to the mountains to allow ourselves to take a deep breath and gather our minds and lives? Why not just live in the place that makes you feel good? Why do we just have to vacation there when we can permanently vacate there and call that place our home? Why not step out into the mountains every morning and have a hot cup of coffee, in nature? 

    I'm from Oklahoma, but my roots won't stay there. They will be picked up and moved to something that excites me. What excites you? Where do you live? Do you live in a concrete jungle? Are you constantly caught up in the hustle and bustle of your daily life, that when you see a beautiful river you just say "ahhhh" and take a deep breath in slowly and out slowly? This is how I feel about the beautiful state of Colorado. 

    Why Colorado? Well, the beauty is pretty much a given. It's the place that everyone who loves to ski and enjoy snow sports go to, and also the place where we all would enjoy having a cabin that we can ship ourselves off to, to get away. You have so many things to do when you walk outside your house. You can choose a hike, an awesome coffee shop, a scenic drive, etc. To be honest, in the places that we all live, it's a fact that we are happier when we are somewhere that is beautiful and full of nature. It creates a euphoric atmosphere and adventure, no matter how long you have lived there. I don't care who you are! In addition to that statement, whether you want to have an open mind or not, people tend to use drugs more in places that seem lonely, concrete, and where there is nothing to go out and do, besides drink, get drunk, do hard drugs, make bad decisions, and get addicted. I'm even close to ones that have had an addiction problem, and they will be of the many to vouch for these thoughts because it hits home. 

     Some of us prefer the beach over the mountains and vice versa, but I have grown to love both and I would rather live in the mountains, than on the beach. There's so much opportunity in Colorado for yourself. Is the cost of living higher than Oklahoma? Most definitely! That's why embracing Tiny Home Living and the mindset of "Less Is More", along with solar panels, is ideal. People are also more clean, healthy, they care about the place they live, they don't choose to throw trash on the streets, and they seek cannabis medically and recreationally! (that's another can of awesome worms for later). 

Enjoy the pictures, along with my adorable companions! 

Xx, B.