The More of Less

Finding a more meaningful life with less possessions, less distractions, and more peace and productivity. 

I'm currently reading the book The More of Less by the thought provoking, Joshua Becker. I'm new to the world of minimalism. I don't consider myself an extreme minimalist by any means, but I am turning over a new leaf that has me developing habits I didn't even know were creeping up on me. 

What do I mean by this? 

I have my own way of minimalism, and you can too. I've reached a new chapter in my life to where I care less about what others think, I care less about what I own, I want less of what I own, I don't find value in things sitting in my room or house the way I use to, and I'm learning that things are really just things. 

How have I gone about this? 

1. I deleted all social media. Yep, you heard me right my obsessive, Millennial generation. Don't eye roll me, I promise it went fine, still going fine, and I'm still doing me. Ya dig? I don't feel the need to keep up with the world. I like knowing that I can be "off the grid" and the whole world doesn't have to keep tabs on me, literally. It's liberating and freeing. 

2. I enjoy spending time alone. I like to think, read, and write. I'm ok with going with the flow. I enjoy growing and it fascinates me to find myself in areas that haven't been knocked on hard enough yet. Just because you're not into being a social butterfly doesn't mean that you aren't spreading your wings in other ways. This is where I get to dig deeper. 

3. My priorities are different than others around me and people don't understand. When you change your life in ways that build you up, the outsiders will think you're weird, pointless, a fun-sucker, and they MIGHT even try to call you a minimalist! Just because you don't enjoy doing old habits that you use to do doesn't mean you are boring, you are just growing up and finding purpose.

4. I don't care about going out and I'm 24 years old. I would rather love on my dog, my boyfriend and my bed. I find satisfaction in ways that lots of people don't. I thrive on nature, beauty, and things that are good for my soul, not on pointless money sucking shots at the bar. 

This is just a glimpse of the peace of mind that I'm obtaining. 

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made,